Privacy Policy

We take your privacy as the utmost priority. We are here to explain how Code Farming safeguards your personal data. So carefully read our Privacy Policy for every information that relates to the disclosure, use, and collection of your personal data along with protection of your technical, physical, and administrative aspects.

We are here to protect your data against unauthorized disclosure, use of, or access to personal info.

The Data We Compile

Cookies have their unique and vital role to play on any website. Websites use cookies to make the experience of a user multiple times better.

Cookies are lesser in size, and they are informative text files that any hitting website creates to your personal computer's, laptop's, or mobile's hard disk. Moreover, it's such a process that is accomplished by taking a browser while you land on the website.

Furthermore, the rules or law states that Code Farming can store these text files or cookies on your computer.

Personal Information Disclosure

We are transparent in our functioning and are more than committed to not disclose your personal or private information to others.

Sharing of Information

We give you our words to share none of the information you provide to us with anyone.

Third Party Websites

Our website features some valuable links to third-party sites. So whenever you click on a particular link to any other URL or site, you will have a redirection to a different site and leave our website's service page or was simply come out of our website. Also, during this process, any third party may gather any personal info from you. In all, we do not hold any responsibility regarding the above we mentioned. We do not have access to it and cannot even review it. Also, we have no sense of responsibility for such third-party content or their sites. Altogether, we hope our Privacy Policy's precise conditions don't apply to any external content or websites. The terms of Code Farming's Privacy Policy do not apply to any compilation of your private or personal info after the user clicks on the URL or website to these third-party sites.
We would encourages and have utmost respect if you will read the Privacy Policy first before you visit every website.

Preferred Choices Concerning Your Information

We have high transparency in offering you distinct options that envelop the sharing, use, and collection of your personal info.

Moreover, monthly or annually, we may send you important notifications via emails that will advance and advertise the use of our best and unquestionable services.

Further, after acknowledging the promotional email messages from us, users will have the option to end these further emails that they are receiving from us.

Also, the user will have the opportunity to "withdraw" by following our instructions that will guide you to stop these emails from our side. Or else you can contact us directly and can ask your query on how to stop these emails.

In spite of your highlighted email preferences, you may receive a service-related mail from us that will encircle the update notice, including updates to our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.


When you decide you do not want to click okay or "accept" these cookies from Code Farming's services for any reason mentioned above, you then have all the authority to make changes in the settings in your preferred browser.

So in those settings, you have the chance to stop having these cookies from the site you clicked or visit.

If, by any chance, a probability occurs and you don't receive websites' cookies, then you can consult the technical team of your browser or can have a check on the browser's technical info.

Nevertheless, none may have the opportunity to use every functionality or section of our website's services.
Our Privacy Policy can assist you in ensuring that the security of your information and credentials are our topmost priority.
In all, if there's any question in your mind concerning how you can modify or disable cookies.
please feel free to contact us inf[email protected]